47th IPSD History Questionnaire

Please first review the Platoon Diary, the Organization Chart, and Dog Roster. Then help us to re-construct our Platoon History by completing this History Questionnaire.

Your Name:

Your E-mail address:

What unit(s) did you serve with:

What were the dates of your Vietnam or World War II service:

Your dog's name:

Your dog's Tatoo number:

NEW INFORMATION: Please provide any new information regarding your experiences. Examples include dates, names of persons (including those not listed on Roster) or places, mission events, serious and light-hearted stories, conditions, casualties, awards, units supported, transfers, special memories, dog's characteristics and related-events, etc.

CHANGES/CORRECTIONS: Please provide any changes and/or corrections to information that is currently posted. Indicate exactly what should be changed and where it is posted on the site (e.g., photo description, diary, roster, etc).

If you provided name(s) of Platoon Member(s) not currently listed, please provide information on where they are (may be) located and how to get in touch with them:

If there is(are) Platoon Member(s) you are trying to locate enter their name(s):

Do you have photos, news clippings, and/or letters you are willing to lend for posting on the web site?

May we contact you if we have further questions?
No, not at this time

Thanks for your contribution to the History of the 47th IPSD!

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